RRB Group-D Important GK Questions PDF Download | Railway Exam

Today we are going to provide you Most Important General Knowledge Questions for RRB NTPC Group-D, which is very important for upcoming not only NTPC but for all other Competitive exams. The Questions are provided in order to make preparation smooth. These study note are also the primary approach of many experts and toppers. Thus, the following study material will help in achieving high score marks. So, go ahead and start your preparation.

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Subject- General Knowledge & General Awareness
Type- Important Questions For NTPC Group-D


RRB Group-D Important GK Questions PDF Download | Railway Exam
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Questions From Notes

1. Who was the 1st president of INC? WC Banerjee

2. The Mughal Empire/Dynasty was founded by: Babur 

3. The Oldest Oil field in Asia is located in: Digboi, Assam

4. Which color has the lowest frequency? Red

5.Only Non-Metal liquid at room temperature: Bromine

6. In 1981, ISRO launched 1st Geostationary satellite: APPLE 

7. 1st Antibiotic discovered by Alexander Fleming? Penicillin

8. Article 21A of Constitution describes: Right to Education 

9. Charminar in Hyderabad was built by: Quli Qutab Shah

10. Father of Indian Space Program: Vikram Sarabhai

11. Filament of Bulb is made up of: Tungsten (W)

12. National Song of India composed by: BC Chattopadhyay

13. Which planet is also known as the Red Planet? Mars

14. Common Name of Calcium Hydroxide? Lime Water

15. 1st Indian women to lead paramilitary forces? Archana Ramasundram

16. Who was known as 'Badshah Khan'? Abdul Ghaffar Khan

17. Which month receives lowest rainfall of year? January

18. The Political System of Afghanistan is known as: Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

19. 1st Chairman of ISRO: Vikram Sarabhai

20. The Popular Yankee Stadium is located in: New York, USA 

21. An Electric Motor converts: Electrical into Mechanical

22. The Prime Minister is the ex-officio chairman of: CSIR 

23. Microsoft Corporation was founded in which year? 1975

24. Parliament House of Delhi was constructed b/w: 1921-1927

25. The Hornbill festival is celebrated in: Nagaland (Download Link below👇)

26. Current Chief Justice of India? Justice NV Ramana

27. Partition of Bengal was done in? 16th October 1905

28. 1st Census of India was held in: 1881

29. Who said, 'Swaraj is my Birth Right'? Lokmanya Tilak

30. Vitamin D deficiency Diseases: Rickets, Osteomalacia

31. Nobel Prize in Economics 2020: Robert B Wilson and Paul R Milgrom

32. Battle of Plassey: Robert Clive vs Siraj ud Daula (1757 AD)

33. Gol Gumbaz is located in? Vijayapura, Karnataka

34. Russia and USA is separated by: Bering Strait

35. Study of Heart is known as: Cardiology

36. 1st CEO of Indian Railways: Vinod Kumar Yadav

37. F7 function key is used for: Spelling checking in MS Word

38. International Women's Day: 8th March

39. Jalianwala Bagh Massacre: 13th April 1919 

40. Formula of Heavy Water: D0 (Deuterium)

41. FIFA World Cup 2022 will be hosted by: Qatar

42. G20 Summit 2021 will be chaired by: Italy

43. National Aquatic Animal of India: Gangetic Dolphins

44. Inventor of Dynamite: Alfred Nobel

45. Moplah Rebellion: Malabar Region of Kerela, 1921

46. New Height of Mt. Everest: 8848.86 metres

47. Founder of Slave Dynasty: Qutub-ud-din Aibak

48. pH of Blood: 7.35-7.40

49. Oscar 2020 Best Movie Award: Parasite

50. Founder Indian National Congress: AO Hume, 1885 (Download Link below👇)

51. Highest Mountain peak in India: Kanchenjunga

52. Chairman of Coal India: Mr. Pramod Agarwal

53. Bile is secreted by: Liver

54. Who was the father of Babur? Umar Shaikh Mirza

55. Sukreshwar Temple of Lord Shiva is located in? Assam

56. GST is a type of: Indirect Tax

57. Constitution Day or Samwidhan Diwas: 26th Nov 1949

58. Sanchi Stupa declared UNESCO World Heritage Site: 1989

59. Fundamental Rights of India are taken from: USA 

60. Gita Govinda was written by: Jayadeva

61. 1st Indian Women President of INC: Sarojini Naidu (1925)

62. CEO of Adobe: Shantanu Narayan 

63. 1st National Park of India: Jim Corbet National Park(1936)

64. Total number of High Courts in India: 25

65. Governor of RBI during Demonetization: Urjit Patel

66. Cabinet Mission came to India in: March 1946

67. HQ of UNICEF: New York, USA

68. Humayun-Nama was written by: Gulbadan Begam

69. 15th Finance Commission of India: NK Singh (2020-25)

70. Leader of Bardoli Satyagraha: Sr.Vallabhai Patel (1928)

71. Zojila Pass is located in: Ladakh

72. Full form DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

73. 1st Nuclear reactor of India: Apsara

74. Venue of CWG 2022: Birmingham, UK

75. State formed in 2014? Telangana (capital- Hyderabad)

76. Birth Name of Mahavira: Vardhamana

77. HQ of OECD: Paris, France

78. Battle of Buxar was fought in: 22nd October 1764

79. SI Unit of Power of Lens: Dioptre

80. Capital of Indonesia: Jakarta

81. President of INC in 1931: Sardar Vallabhai Patel

82. Full form of OLE: Object Linking and Embedding

83. Max number of Seats in Rajya Sabha: 250 

84. President can elect how many members in Rajya Sabha: 12

85. Fundamental Rights are in which part? Part 3 (Art 12-35)

86. NASA was established in which year? 1st October 1958

87. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign started in? 2015

88. Total World Heritage Sites of UNESCO: 1121

89. Youngest Person to get Nobel Prize: Malala Yousefzai

90. Writer of Novel 'Tamash': Bhishma Sahni

91. Simon Commission came into India in? 1927-1928

92. Total members of WHO: 194

93. Longest Road Tunnel in India: Atal Tunnel (9.02 kms)

94. Code Name of Pokhran Test May 1998: Operation Shakti 

95. Sardar Sarovar Dam is built on? Narmada, Gujrat

96. Launch date of RTI Act: 12th October 2005

97. National Technology Day: 11th May

98. Establishment of Reserve Bank of India: 1st April 1935

99. HQ of DRDO: New Delhi (CEO- G Sathish Reddy)

100. Bauxite Ore is mainly found in: Odisha (Download Link below👇)

101. 1st Amendment of Indian Constitution in: 1951

102. Total number of Nuclear Reactors in India: 22

103. Father of White Revolution? Verghese Kurien

104. 1st Presidency of British East India Company? Surat

105. Article 21 describes: Right to Life & Personal Liberty 

106. GSAT-31 is a type of? Communication Satellite

107. 1st High Court estd in India? Calcutta High Court (1862)

108. 1st HQ of RBI from 1934-1937: Kolkata 

109. Newton's 1st Law of Motion other name: Law of Inertia

110. Author of 'India after Gandhi': Ramchandra Guha

111. Cleanest City of India (population" <1 million): Ambikapur

112. Cleanest City of India with population > 1 million: Indore

113. King of Burdwan during Permanent Settlement: Bahadur Tej Chand Rai

114. 8th Secretary general of UN? Ban-ki-Moon

115. Vijaya Bank & Dena Bank are merged with: Bank of Baroda

116. Who attended 2nd Round Table Conf: Mahatma Gandhi 

117. Brand Ambassador of LaLiga 2020: Rohit Sharma

118. Which acid is present inside stomach? HCI

119. Who led Khilafat Movement? Maulana Mohammad Ali and Maulana Shaukat Ali

120. Dhola-Sadiya bridge is named after? Bhupen Hazarika

121. Nobel Peace Price in 2020: World Food Programme

122. Rourkela Steel Plant was founded in: 1955

123. Director General of BSF: Raksh Asthana

124. 1857 Revolt was started from? Meerut

125. Water is absorbed by roots of plants through? Xylem (Download Link below👇)

126. Coromandel Coast is in? Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh

127. President of Constituent Assembly: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

128. HQ of ADB: Philippines

129. Full form of PDF: Portable Document Format

130. Majuli River Island is in: Bhramputra River, Assam

131. Host of 2023 Asian Football Champions: China

132. Mixed Economy was introduced in? 2nd Five Year Plan

133. Negatively Charged Ions are known as: Anions

134. Which country topped in Human Dev. Index? Norway 

135. 1st Indian Nuclear Test was conduced in: 1974, Pokhran

136. Founder of Ghadar Party in India? Sohan Singh Bhakna

137. 1st Muslim President of INC? Badruddin Tyabbji

138. Attorney General of India? Shri K K Venugopal

139. Father of Geography: Eratosthenes

140. 1st Inscription of Ashoka was written in: Bhrami Script

141. 1st chairman Rajya Sabha: Dr Sarvopalli Radhakrishnan

142. World Wide Web was founded by: Tim Berners Lee

143. 2nd highest constitutional post in India: Vice President

144. Capital of Australia: Canberra

145. INC was split into 2 parts in: Surat Session (1907)

146. Chairman of World Bank 2019: David Malpass

147. Political guru of Mahatma Gandhi: GK Gokhale

148. Father of Computer: Charles Babbage

149. Father of Modern Computing: Alan Turing 

150. Litmus paper is extracted from: Lichens (Download Link below👇)

151. Which state produced highest Wind Energy: Tamil Nadu

152. Non-Cooperation Movement was started in: 5Th Sept 1920

153. Which movement started with Non Co-op movement: Khilafat Movement (1919-1924)

154. Politics of Jugaad: Saba Naqbi

155. Functions of Ribosomes: Protein Synthesis 

156. GATT is now known as: WTO (Estd. 1995)

157. International Gandhi Peace Prize: Yohei Sasakawa

158. How many groups in Periodic Table: 18

159. Dandi March/Salt Satyagraha in 1931 was from: Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi Coastal City, near Surat 

160. Full form of OCR: Optical Character Recognition

161. What is the Full form of GSLV: Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle

162. Eco Friendly Ankara was launched by: Russia

163. 2nd Five Year Plan is based on: Mahalanobis Model

164. Author of 'Chandrakanta': Devaki Nandan Khatri

165. Tansen Composition were in which language? Dhrupad

166. Functional Unit of Kidney? Nephron

167. Bokaro Steel Plant was estd in collaboration with: Russia

168. Apsara Research Reactor is located in: Mumbai

169. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is in: Thiruvantampuram 

170. Father of Modern Economics: Adam Smith

171. 1st website of WWW: http://info.cern.ch 

172. Who coined the term Brexit? Peter Wilding

173. World's  Most Polluted City? Gurugram

174. Jan Dhan Yojana was launched on: 28th Aug 2014 by PM

175. Which mountain is known as Blue Mountains? Nilgiri (Download Link below👇)

176. Article related to Inter State Trade/Commerce: Article 269

177. Father of Indian Cinema: Dada Saheb Phalke

178. Sanchi Stupa is located in: Bhopal, MP

179. Full form of SLR: Statuary Liquidity Rate

180. Blood is which type of tissue? Connective Tissue

181. Famous craft of Lucknow: Chikankari 

182. Oil rises to wick in a lamp due to action of: Capillary

183. Vitamin helps in Blood Coagulation: Vitamin K

184. HQ of WHO is in: Geneva, Switzerland

185. Purna Swaraj was demanded? INC Lahore Session, 1929

186. Daughter of Shah Jahan? Jahanara Begum

187. Ajanta Caves are located in? Aurangabad, Maharashtra

188. Study of Animals is called? Zoology

189. Nadir Shah invaded in India in? March 1739

190. Asiatic Society of Bengal was founded in? 15th Jan 1784

191. Konark Sun Temple is in? Puri, Odhisha

192. 16th Speaker of Lok Sabha: Sumitra Mahajan

193. 1st Indian women to get Booker Prize: Arundhati Roy 

194. Sariska Tiger Reserve is in? Alwar, Rajasthan

195. LOC b/w India and Pakistan was established in? 1972

196. Milk Man of India? Verghese Kurien

197. Governor General of Bengal in 1793? Lord Cornwallis

198. Manora Fort is in which state? Tamil Nadu

199. League of Nations is an old name of: United Nations

200. Which muslim leader opposed the formation of Pakistan? Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani 

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