100 Most Repeated Geography Questions for SSC | Important Geography One Liner Questions | Previous Years Asked Geography Questions for Competitive Exam |

As we all know General Knowledge is an important section for any  SSC, Railways, Banking or any govt. exams. All aspirants who are preparing for the examination in 2022-23 must be well prepare with this section. Here we are providing Most Important Repeated Geography Questions for SSC  & Other Competitive exam. These Questions are prepared by experts.

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Subject- Geography
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100 Most Repeated Geography Questions for SSC MTS | Important Geography One Liner Questions | Previous Years Asked Geography Questions for Competitive Exam | Indian Geography | World Geography | India World Map Questions | SSC | RRB
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1. Which is the nearest star to the Earth after the Sun?

Ans. Proxima Centauri [Nearest Star of Sun]

2. How many days Mercury takes to revolve around Sun?

Ans. 88 Days [Venus has the Longest Day]

3. The forest area in the 'Sunderbans' is known as?

Ans. Mangrove Forests [Sunderbans - West Bengal] 

4. Where does Narmada River originates from?

Ans. Amarkantak Ranges [Madhya Pradesh]

5. Who invented the word 'Geography'?

Ans. Eratosthenes [Father of Geography]

6. The color of Red Soil is 'Red' due to the presence of?

Ans. Iron Oxide [Red Soil mostly found in MP]

7. Which soil is found mostly in India?

Ans. Alluvial Soil

8. What is the other name of 'Black Soil'?

Ans. Regur Soil [Black Soil is best for cultivating Cotton]

9. The land between the 2 rivers is known as?

Ans. Doab [Strait - Narrow strip in sea b/w 2 land masses] 

10. Which country has the highest density of Population?

Ans. Bangladesh [least densely populated country - Mongolia]

11. Which is the farthest planet from Sun in Solar System? 

Ans. Neptune [closest Planet - Mercury]

12. Which planets of our Solar System have no satellites? 

Ans. Mercury and Venus [Saturn maximum-82 satellites]

13. Between which 2 planets is the asteroid belt found? 

Ans. Mars and Jupiter [Kuiper Belt - Outside Solar System]

14. The Iron and Steel Plant in Chattisgarh is situated in? 

Ans. Bhilai Steel Plant

15. 'Banihal Pass' is situated in which place?

Ans. Jammu and Kashmir

16. Laterite Soil is found mostly in which state?

Ans. Karnataka

17. The land of maximum biodiversity is?

Ans. Tropical

18. Indian Standard Time relates to which longitude?

Ans. 82.5º E Longitude

19. By what name is Ganga known in Bangladesh?

Ans. River Padma [Ganga makes delta in Sunderbans]

20. The Ozone Layer lies in which layer of Atmosphere?

Ans. Stratosphere

21. The landmass of which continent is the least in area?

Ans. Australia [Maximum Area - Asia]

22. Which is only port in India having artificial harbour?

Ans. Chennai Port

23. Which is the India's longest road tunnel?

Ans. Chenani-Nashri Tunnel [Jammu and Kashmir]

24. Where is Loktak Lake situated?

Ans. Manipur [Length- 35km, Freshwater Lake]

25. Which Channel divides the Andaman from Nicobar?

Ans. 10° Channel [Palk Strait - India and Sri Lanka]

26. Where is the origin of Jhelum River?

Ans. Verinag Valley in the Pir Panjal Range

27. Which river is called the Sorrow of Bihar?

Ans. Kosi [Sorrow of Bengal - Damodar]

28. Which is the largest freshwater lake in India?

Ans. Wular Lake [Jammu & Kashmir]

29. Which is the largest salt water lake in India?

Ans. Sambhar Salt Lake [Ajmer, Rajasthan]

30. Which is the longest river of South India?

Ans. Godavari [also known as Ganga of South India] 

31. Which city is known as the city of Lakes?

Ans. Bhopal & Udaipur [Manchester of India - Ahmedabad] 

32. The highest peak of the Eastern Ghats is?

Ans. Jindhagada Peak [Western Ghats - Anaimudi 

33. The highest peak of South India is?

Ans. Anaimudi [2nd Highest Peak of India - Nanda Devi]

34. Which river is also known as 'Chandrabhaga"?

Ans. Chenab [Other name - Asikini]

35. Which river originates from 'Rakashtal Lake'?

Ans. Sutlej River [originates from Tibet]

36. Which is the lowest point (below sea level) in India?

Ans. Kuttanad [Kerala]

37. Which of the pass links Srinagar to Leh?

Ans. Zoji La Pass

38. Which pass is located in the Nilgiri Hills of India?

Ans. Palghat Gap

39. On which river does the Jog Waterfall lies on?

Ans. Sharavati River

40. Which is the highest waterfall of India?

Ans. Kunchikal Falls [Karnataka]

41. Which is the highest peak of Western Ghats?

Ans. Anaimudi

42. Keibul Lamjao, the only floating National Park is in?

Ans. Manipur

43. Which river in India flows in rift valley?

Ans. Narmada River

44. The study of Lakes is known as?

Ans. Limnology [Study of Population - Demography]

45. Which is the highest peak of India?

Ans. Mount K2 (Godwin Austin) [2nd - Kanchenjunga]

46. India is the largest producer and consumer of?

Ans. Tea

47. Which is the origin of Brahmaputra River?

Ans. Chemayungdung Glacier of Mount Kailash

48. Which is the southernmost tip of India?

Ans. Indira Point (in Andaman & Nicobar)

49. Which is the southernmost area of Indian mainland?

Ans. Cape Comorin (Kanyakumari)

50. Which river of India is also known as 'Open Sewer'?

Ans. Ganga [Dakshin Ganga - Godavari]

51. Which state has the longest coastline in India?

Ans. Gujrat [2nd State with longest - Andra Pradesh]

52. Sardar Sarovar Project is built across which river?

Ans. Western Disturbances

54. Which river flows between Satpura & Vindhyas?

Ans. Narmada River

55. Which is the highest undisputed Mt. peak of India?

Ans. Mt. Kanchenjunga (in Sikkim)

56. Which is the longest dam of India?

Ans. Hirakund Dam [Highest Dam of India - Tehri Dam]

57. Which Indian city is known as the 'Pearl City'?

Ans. Tuticorin [Surat - Diamond city of Indi

58. Which city is known as 'Manchester of South India'?

Ans. Coimbatore [Nashik - Wine Capital of India]

59. Yellow Revolution is related with the production of?

Ans. Sunflower [Golden Revolution - Jute]

60. The city of Srinagar is located on the banks of?

Ans. Jhelum River [Delhi on the banks of - Yamuna]

61. Which is the highest plunge waterfall in India?

Ans. Jog Falls or Gersoppa Falls (in Karnataka)

62. Which is the largest state as per the area wise?

Ans. Rajasthan [By Population - UP]

63. Which is the Northernmost part of Indian territory?

Ans. Indira Cole

64. Highest waterfall of the world is in which country?

Ans. Salto Angel Water Fall (in Venezuela) 

65. On which river is the New York city situated at?

Ans. Hudson River [London - Thames River] 

66. Which states' border is joined with maximum states?

Ans. Uttar Pradesh [Basket of Eggs - Andra Pradesh]

67. Which state is the highest producer of 'Cardamom'?

Ans. Kerala [Kerala - Garden of Spices]

68. 'Blue Mountain' ranges are situated in which state?

Ans. Mizoram

69. Which planet is known as 'Twin Sister of Earth'?

Ans. Venus [Brightest Planet of our Solar System]

70. Which river is known as 'Lifeline of South India'

Ans. Cauvery River

71. Which area is known as 'Water Tower of Ganga'? 

Ans. Nepal [Origin of Ganga - Gangotri Glacier]

72. Which Mountain range is the oldest in the world?

Ans. Aravalli Ranges [in Rajasthan]

73. Which Island of India has the maximum population?

Ans. Salsette (near Mumbai)

74. Which is the deepest place of the Earth? 

Ans. Mariana Trench (in Pacific Ocean)

75. Which state is the highest producer of Sugarcane? 

Ans. UP [UP - Sugar Bowl of India, AP - Rice Bowl]

76. Cardamom Hills are situated in which state?

Ans. Kerala [Nilgiri Hills - Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu]

77. Who is the father of Human Geography?

Ans. Carl Ritter [Father of Geography - Erastosthenes]

78. Which continent is known as the 'White Continent'?

Ans. Antarctica

79. The Mt. Everest is known by what name in Nepal?

Ans. Sagarmatha [Height of Mt. Everest -8848.86 m]

80. Where is Bandipur National Park situated in?

Ans. Mysuru, Karnataka

81. Which is the longest national Highway of India?

Ans. NH 44 [Smallest National Highway - NH 47A]

82. Majuli, the largest river island in the world is in?

Ans. Assam (in Brahmaputra River)

83. The highest railway station in India is situated in? 

Ans. Ghum Railway Station, Darjeeling (WB)

84. Which river passes through maximum countries?

Ans. Danube

85. Which is the longest river in Asia?

Ans. Yangtze (in China)

86. Which is the longest river in the World?

Ans. Nile [Largest River - Amazon]

87. Silent Valley National Park is situated in which state?

Ans. Kerala

88. Baglihar Dam is constructed on which river?

Ans. Chenab (in Jammu and Kashmir)

89. The Nanda Devi Peak is situated in?

Ans. Uttarakhand [Mount Kanchenjunga - Sikkim]

90. Musi and Bhima are the tributaries of which river?

Ans. Krishna [4th Largest and 3rd Longest River of India]

91. Lipu Lekh pass is situated in which Indian state?

Ans. Uttarakhand [Nathu La Pass - Sikkim]

92. Which state is known as the 'Rice Bowl of India'?

Ans. Andra Pradesh [UP - Sugar Bowl of India]

93. Which is the 1st National Park of India?

Ans. Jim Corbett National Park (in 1936 in Uttarakhand)

94. Which pass connects Tawang with Lhasa?

Ans. Bum La Pass [Sikkim and Tibet - Nathu La Pass]

95. Which pass connects Jammu with Srinagar? 

Ans. Banihal Pass [Leh and Srinagar - Zoji La Pass]

96. The Khajurao Temples are situated in which state?

Ans. MP [Dilwara Jain Temple - Mount Abu, Rajasthan]

97. Which city is the least populated according to 2011 census? 

Ans. Kapurthala (in Punjab) [Least Populated State - Sikkim]

98. Which is the longest river of India that flows entirely in India?

Ans. Ganga (2nd Longest - Godavari, 3rd Longest – Krishna)

99. 'Shifting Cultivation' is also known as?

Ans. Jhum Cultivation

100. Which strait divides India and Sri Lanka?

Ans. Palk Strait [MacMohan Line - India & China]

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