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Today we are going to provide you all types of Frequently Ask Questions related to Ancient History Of India for upcoming SSC and all other Competitive exams. The Questions are collected from important topics from Ancient History of India in order to make preparation smooth. These study note are also the primary approach of many experts and toppers. Thus, the following study material will help in achieving high score marks. So, go ahead and start your preparation.

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Subject- Ancient History
Topic-  Ancient History 
Type- MCQs / FAQs

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Top 200 Objective Question from Ancient History for upcoming competitive exams
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Few Questions From Notes

1. Veda deals with Magic spells and witchcrafts? Arthavaveda

2. The later Vedic age means the compilation of: Samhitas,Brahmanas, Aryeaanakas.

3. Which veda contains the famous Gayatri Mantra? Rig Veda

4. The famous Gayatri Mantra is dedicated to? Savita

5. 2 Highest Gods in Rig Vedic Ages were? Indra & varuna

6. 1st metal used by people in India was? Copper

7. 1st to discover the traces of Harappa Site? Daya Ram Sahni 

8. Which metal was not known to Harappan People? Iron

9. Most common animal figure during Harappan Civilization:Unicorn Bull

10. Which veda got compiled at 1st? Rig Veda

11. Two popular assemblies of the Vedic Period were? Sabha & Samriti pular

12. Founder of Nanda Dynasty? Mahapadma Nanda

13. Kushan rule came to end by? The Hindu Shahi Dynasty

14. Ashoka was inspired the most by which monk: Upagupta

15. Konark Sun Temple was built by? Narsimhan Deva I

16. Who wrote Mrichchhakatika (Clay Cart): Sudraka

17. Gautam Buddha as prince was known as: Siddhartha 

18. Vikramaditya was the title received by: Chandragupta II

19. The Philosphy propounded in Upanishads: Vedanta

20. Founder of Jainism? Mahavira (24th Tirthankar)

21. The name Buddha means- Enlightenment

22. The great Exponent of Mahayana Buddhism was? Nagarjuna

23. Jatakas are the stories of? Buddha's previous lives

24. During Alexander's invasion, King of Magadh? Nandas 

25. Wrote the book 'Indica'? Megasthenese

26. Kalinga war was fought in which year? 261BC

27. In his inscriptions, Ashoka calls himself? Devanampriya Priyadarshi King

28. Who killed the last ruler of Maruyans, Brihadratha: Pushyamitra Sunga

29. Which Harappan civilization site is located on Indus River? Mohenjodaro

30. Gautam Budhha was brought by? Maha Prajapati

31. Mahavira was? 24th Tirthankar (Last)

32. Which sect of Jains are naked? Digambar Jains

33. The Buddhist Doctrines were written in? Pali

34. 1st Buddhist Council was held in? Rajgriha

35. Megasthenes visited India during the reign? CG Maurya

36. Megasthenes was the ambassador of? Selecus Nicator

37. Rig Veda consists of how many hymes? 1028 Hymes

38. The Vishnu Purana, gives account of? Mauryan Dynasty

39. Last Mauryan King? Brihadratha

40. Bimbisara (1st king of Haryankas) was succeeded by: Ajatshatru

41. 1st National Ruler of India: Chandragupta Maurya

42. During Alexander's invasion, Taxila was ruled by: Ambhi

43. Mudra Rakshasa was written by? Vishakadutta

44. Kanvas Dynasty was established by? Vasudeva

45. Kharavela of Kalinga was a follower of? Jainism

46. Buddha delivered his 1st sermon at? Sarnath

47. Buddha attained Nirvana (death) at? Kushinagar

48. Name of Kautilya: Vishnugupta, Chanakya, Dhramindacharya

49. Kautilya hailed from: Taxila

50. Most Important Pahlava Ruler of Pahlava was?Gondophemes

51. Capital of Kanishka Empire was? Peshawar

52. 4th Buddhist Council was held at? Kundalvan, Kashmir

53. Girnar is also known as: Jain Temple City

54. Mother of Vardhaman Mahavira: Trishala

55. Megasthenes as ambassador succeeded by? Demetrious

56. The Saka Era was founded by? Kanishka

57. Kanishka was the follower of which sect? Mahayana Sect (Buddhism)

58. The Nanda Dynasty was founded by? Mahapadma Nanda

59. Main port of the Indus People? Lothal

60. The Indus people worshipped? Mother Goddess 

61. Vardhamaan Mahvira was born at? Kundagrama

62. Another name of Patliputra? Kusumpura

63. 1st ruler of Satvahana Dynasty? Simuka

64. In whose court did Asvaghosha lived? Kanishka

65. Who wrote Ashtadhyayi? Panini

66. Last Ruling dynasty of Magadha was? Gupta Dynasty

67. Greatest Conqueror of Gupta Dynasty? Samudragupta

68. Gupta ruler known as Indian Napoleon? Samudragupta

69. Chinese traveler Fa-Hien came during? Chandragupta II

70. Harshacharitra, biography of Harsha was written by?Banabhatta

71. Works of Kalidas? Shakuntala, Meghdoot, Kumarasambhava 

72. Founder of Sankhya School of Philosophy? Kapila

73. Birthplace of Vardhaman Mahavira? Vaishali

74. Which ruler embraced Jainism? Chandragupta Maurya

75. Buddhim became the state religion during? Ashoka

76. Who had converted Kanishka to Buddhism? Asvaghosha

77. Buddhism propagated out of India in? Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

78. Oldest Indian Linguistic Text? Ashtaghyayi

79. Oldest seat of Learning? Taxila

80. Author of Kadambari? Banabhatta

81. Original Buddhist texts are written in language? Pali 

82. The title 'The Liberator' was earned by: Ashoka

83. The Saka Era was established by Kanishka in: 78AD

84. The script of Indus Valley Civilization? Dravadian 

85. Largest Urban centre in Ancient India? Kannauj

86. The Temple 'Seven Pagodas' was built by: Pallavas 

87. Madurai was the capital of?Pandyas 

88. River Chenab in ancient times was known as? Asikuru

89. 24th Tirthankara was: Vardhaman Mahavir

90. 23rd Tirthankara was: Parsvanatha

91. Aryabhatta lived during the period of? Gupta Period

92. Ayurveda has its origin from? Atharva Veda

93. Capital of Pallavas? Kanchi or Conjeevaram

94. Banabhatta, scholar lived during the reign of? Harsha 

95. Official language of Mauryan Court? Magadhi

96. What was the original name of Euthydemia? Sakala

97. Lowest unit of Chola administration was? Kurram

98. The Indus Valley Civilization was discovered in? 1921

99. The great Hindu law giver was? Manu

100. The teachings of Mahavira are contained in? Purvas

101. Which king was also known as Mamallan (the great wrestler)? Narasimhavarman I

102. Nagananda play is written by? Harshavardhana

103. Priyadarshika play is written by? Harshavardhana

104. Ratnavali play is written by? Harshavardhana 

105. 2nd Buddhist Council was held in? Vaishali in 383 BC

106. Who was successor of Samudragupta? Chandragupta II

107. Which city was tax-free in Ashoka's reign? Lumbini 

108. The 'Satpatha Brahmana' is a text of? Yajurveda

109. The 'Taitriya Brahmana' is a text of? Yajurveda

110. Which Indus site was divided into 3 parts? Dholavira

111. Which Kushana King adopted the epithet 'Dharma Thida'? Kuzul Kadaphises

112. Which Gupta ruler called himself 'Licchavi- Dauhitra'?Samudragupta

113. Who is referred as Nigantha Nataputta? Mahavira

114. The earliest evidence of rice cultivation was found in which civilization?Belan Valley

115. The Brahmi Script was deciphered by? James Princep 

116. Who was Tamil Grammatical treatise? Tolkappiam

117. Veda which is partly in prose and verses is? Yajurveda

118. 1st Chola King to capture Maldives? Raja Raja

119. 1st Satvahanas King to introduce the Ruler's Face on the coins? Satkarni I

120. Which place was mint center of Yaudheyas? Rohtak

121. Who is the author of 'Kathavatthu’? Mogliputta Tissa

122. 'Mudrakshasha' play is written by? Vishakhadutta

123. Title 'Paramasaugupta' was adopted by? Rajya Vardhan

124. Lord Buddha was born at? Lumbini, Nepal

125. Lord Buddha gave his 1st sermon in? Sarnath

126. Lord Buddha attained enlightenment in? Bodh Gaya 

127. Lord Buddha died in? Kushinagar

128. Mahavira Swami was born in? Vaishali 

129. Alexander vs Porus fought in? Battle of Hydapses

130. Battle was Hydapses was fought on which river? Jhelum

131. Battle of Hydapses was fought in? 326 BC

132. Who was the 1st Mauryan King? Chandragupta Maurya

133. Who was the last Mauryan King? Brihadratha

134. Brihadratha was killed by whom? Pushyamitra Sunga 

135. Rulers of which dynasty took title ‘Devaputra’? Kushans

136. Who started the Vikram Era (58BC)? Vikramaditya

137. Who was the teacher of Lord Buddha?Alara Kalama

138. Who invented 'Zero'? Aryabhatta

139. Aryabhatta received his education from? Nalanda University

140. Gitikapadam was written by? Aryabhatta

141. Who was the author of Kadambari? Banabhatta 

142. Which is most famous image of Chola Period? Nataraja

143. The Black Pagoda Temple was contructed by? Pallavas

144. Black Pagoda Temple is situated in? Mahabalipuram

145. 'Harappa' site was discovered by? Daya Ram Sahni

146. 'Mohenjodaro' site was discovered by? R.D. Bannerji

147. The Kailasa Temple is in? Ellora, Maharashtra

148. Brihadeeshwara Temple was built by? Raja Raja Chola

149. Brihadeeshwara Temple is in? Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

150. The famous Parvati Temple is in? Khajuraho (MP)

151. In his inscriptions, Ashoka called himself? Priyadarshini 

152. 'Surkotada' Indus Site is presently in? Gujrat

153. Which Indus site has best drainage system? Harappa

154. Veda has origins of Indian music? Samaveda Samhita

155. Veda has origins of Indian medicine? Arthvaveda

156. The earliest Veda is the? Rig Veda 

157. Veda has origins of Rituals? Yajurveda Samhita

158. Who wrote the book 'Kitab-ul-Hind'? Al-Berun

159. King Harshavardhana was defeated by? Pulakeshin

160. Pulakeshin II was from which dynasty? Chalukyas

161. Pulakeshin II was defeated by? Narsimha Varman I

162. Most distinguished ruler of Chalukyas? Pulakeshin II

163. Founder of Vikramshila University? Dharmapala 

164. Who were the 1st to invade India? The Arabs

165. Which rulers built the Ellora Temples? Rashtrakutas 

166. Who built Kailash Temple at Ellora? Krishan I

167. Who was the founder of Rashtrakutas? Dandi Durga

168. Who established the city of Mahabalipuram? Pallavas

169. What was the capital of Pallavas? Kanchi

170. What was the capital of Chola Kings? Tanjore

171. Who was the founder of Haryanka Dynasty? Bimbisara

172. Who was the 1st foreigner to invade India? Derious

173. Name of Gautam Buddha's mother? Yashodhara

174. Who fought the battle of Jhelum? Alexander and Porus

175. Buddha's leaving home known as? Mahabhinishkraman

176. What was the symbol of 1st Tirthankara? Bull

177. Mahavira Swami attained knowledge in?Jumbhikagram

178. Who established city of Patliputra? Udayin

179. Who was also known as 'Amitraghata'? Bindusara

180. 'Double Burials' is found in which Indus site? Lothal

181. Largest Indian Indus Valley site is? Dholaveer

182. 'Kalibanga' Indus Valley Site is situated in? Rajasthan

183. '7 fire altars' are found in which Indus site? Kalibanga

184. How many Hymes are there in Rig Veda? 1028 Hymes

185. Who wrote Astadhyayayi? Panini (Grammer Scholar)

186. Who was 1st Sanskrit Scholar? Panini

187. Who wrote 'Arthashastra'? Vishnugupta/Chanakya

188. Who wrote 'Mrichhakatikam'? Sudraka

189. New post was created by Ashoka? Dhammahamatra 

190. 'Satyamev Jayate' is taken from? Mundkoupanishads

191. Which is the oldest Religious sculpture? Bhagvat Puran

192. Who presided in 1st Buddhist Council? Mahakashyapa

193. Founder of Gupta Period? Chandragupta I

194. Gupta Ruler was a good 'Veena Player'? Samudragupta

195. Gupta Ruler who destroyed 'Sakas'? Chandra Gupta II

196. Gold coin in Gupta Period was known as? Rupaka

197. Which Gupta Ruler in the Gupta Empire assumed the title of 'Mahendraditya'? Vishnu Gupta

198. Total Inscriptions of Gupta Period? 42 Inscriptions

199. Who was the court poet of 'Samudragupta'? Harisena 

200. Who took the title of 'Kaviraja'? Samudragupta

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