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Today we are going to provide you Frequently Asked Questions in RRB NTPC CBT-1 which is very important for upcoming SSC and all other Competitive exams. The Questions are provided in order to make preparation smooth. These study note are also the primary approach of many experts and toppers. Thus, the following study material will help in achieving high score marks. So, go ahead and start your preparation.

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Subject- General Knowledge & General Awareness
Type- Repeated Important MCQs / FAQs 

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500+ Most Important General Knowledge Repeated Questions in competitive Exams
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Qs.1: Which is the longest river of South India? Ans: Godavari 

Qs.2: Who is the Chief Minister of present-day Bihar state? Ans: Nitish Kumar

Qs.3: Who oaths the office of the President of India? Ans: Chief Justice of India 

Qs.4: What was the name of the son of Gautam Buddha? Ans: Rahul

Qs.5: This country is known as the largest producer of sugar in the world? Ans: Brazil 

Qs.6: If the pass percentage is 30% but a student got 20% and he is failing by 72 marks then what is the full marks in the exam? 

Qs.7: Name the author of 'History of Plantarum'? Ans: Theophrastus 

Qs.8: What is the pH range of Castic Soda which makes hard soap? Ans: Nearby 14 

Qs.9: What is the study of the heart called? Ans: Cardiology 

Qs.10: What is the pH value of Lemon? Ans: 4-5 

Qs.11: What type of tissue is found in blood? Ans: Connective Tissue

Qs.12: Where does fertilization occur? Ans: Fallopian Tube 

Qs.13: What is the unit of measurement for the amount of substance? Ans: Mole 

Qs.14: What is the SI unit of Electric Current? Ans: Ampere 

Qs.15: What is the unit of Distance? Ans: Metre 

Qs.16: What will be the color of the stars if the temperature is too high? Ans: Blue 

Qs.17: What kind of wave is sound? Ans: Mechanical Longtitude wave 

Qs.18: Which has more elasticity: Rubber or Steel? Ans: Steel 

Qs.19: What is the full form of pH? Ans: potential of hydrogen' or power of hydrogen 

Qs.20: What is the freezing point of water? Ans: 273.2K 

Qs.21: Eighth Schedule to the Constitution consists of how many languages? Ans: 22 

Qs.22: What is Arthroplasty used for? Ans: Joint replacement 

Qs.23: Which is an example of Ball & Socket joint? Ans: Shoulder joint or Hip Joint 

Qs.24: Who founded Hydrogen gas? Ans: Henry Cavendish 

Qs.25: Who is the father of Taxonomy? Ans: Carolus Linnaeus

Qs.26: If the mass on earth is 10kg. What will be the mass on moon? Ans: 10kg 

Qs.27: Two resistances of 1ohm and 2ohm are in parallel, then what will be the resultant? Ans: 2/3 

Qs.28: Write 699 in Roman numerals. Ans: DCXCIX 

Qs.29: a:b:c = 2:3:$ a+b+c = 120 Find the value of b. Ans: 40 

Qs.30: CP= 15000, SP = 2000. Find P%. Ans: 5/4 

Qs.31: There are 70 boys and 50 girls in a group. Out of which 50% of boys went for the part and 40% of girls went for the part. Then how many numbers of people did went for the party? Ans: 110/12 

Qs.32: Find rate (r) when P = 2400, SI = 640 and time is 4 year. Ans: 25/4 

Qs.33: If in a rectangle, the length is increased by 10% and the breadth is decreased by 10%. What will be the percent change in the area of the rectangle? Ans: 1% 

Qs.34: CP = MP x 75% and discount (D) = 15%. Find profit percent. Ans: 2/15 

Qs.35: A quadratic equation x2-2x+1 = 0 has two roots alpha and beta. Write down the equation which roots alpha square beat square. Ans: x2-2x+1 = 0 

Qs.36: Two circles are given : R1 = 6 and R2 = 3. Find the value of common tangent. 

Qs.37: A cylinder of height 14 cm and CSA = 528 is given. Find the volume of the cylinder. 

Qs.38: When is Women's Day celebrated? Ans: March 8 

Qs.39: Who is the DRDO head? Ans: Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy 

Qs.40: When is Earth Day? Ans: 22 April 

Qs.41: which city will host Commonwealth Youth Games? Ans: UK 

Qs.42: How many total Ramsar Sites are there? Ans: 42 Sites

Qs.43: If the efficiency of B is 20% less than A. A can complete a task in 12 days, then find the number of days by which B can complete the task? Ans: 15 days 

Qs.45: The number is increased by 40%. After increasing, it is then again decreased by 40%. Find the overall percentage increase/decrease. Ans: 16% decreased by the original number 

Qs.46: The principal value of 38000 is divided into two parts. In the 1st year, the rate is 75 and time is 5 yr, whereas, in the other part, the rate is 10% with time 6 year. Find the money borrowed at the interest rate of 10%. Ans: 14000 

Qs.47: Where is Bharatpur located? Ans: Rajasthan 

Qs.48: When was Swaraj Party formed? Ans: 1 January 1923 

Qs.49: Who was India's 2nd Prime Minister? Ans: Gulzari Lal Nanda 

Qs.50: What is the name of the outer membrane in the Brain? Ans: Dura mater 

Qs.51: Rickets is caused by the deficiency of which vitamin in children? Ans: Vitamin D 

Qs.52: Who is the CEO of Nokia? Ans: Pekka Lundmark 

Qs.53: Who is the present CM of Gujarat? Ans: Vijay Rupani 

Qs.54: What is D2O? Ans: It is deutreum oxide and is used as a cooolant 

Qs.55: Where is BARC located? Ans: Trombay, Mumbai 

Qs.56: What is cosmology? Ans: Study of outer space 

Qs.57: Who is the CEO of Paytm? Ans: Vijay Shekhar Sharma 

Qs.58: Where did Jallianwala Bagh Massacre happened? Ans: Amritsar, Punjab 

Qs.59: Who discovered the Nucleus? Ans: Robert Brown 

Qs.60: p2+q2+r2 = 0 Find the value of P6+q6-r6 / p2q2r2 Ans: -3 

Qs.61: Where did G20 summit 2020 was held on? Ans: Saudi Arabia 

Qs.62: Headquarter of UNICEP, UNDP, UNO located at? Ans: New York 

Qs.63: Which country's currency is Yen? Ans: Japan 

Qs.64: What is the salary of the Vice President? Ans: 4 lakhs 

Qs.65: Which city is best known for producing saffron? Ans: Jammu & Kashmir 

Qs.66: Where is Shivanasamudra Falls? Ans: Karnataka 

Qs.67: What is the pH of blood? Ans: 7.2-7.4 

Qs.68: Name the First Indian to get Nobel prize in economics? Ans: Amartya Sen 

Qs.69: What is the color of Fertilizer revolution? Ans: Pink 

Qs.70: What is the chemical formula of Hard Water? Ans: H2O 

Qs.71: Who calculated the National Income of India for the first time? Ans: Dadabhai Naoroji 

Qs.72: When was the battle of Plassey fought? Ans: 23 June 1757 

Qs.73: Who was the founder of the Slave Dynasty? Ans: Qutb al-Din Aibak 

Qs.74: Which layer of the Sun is visible to us? Ans: Photosphere 

Qs.75: Where is the tallest Buddha Statue located? Ans: Henan, China 

Qs.76: Where did Moplah Revolt occurred at? Ans: Malabar 

Qs.77: Karl Landsteiner got a prize for? Ans: His discovery of human blood groups 

Qs.78 Where is the longest road in India? Ans. National Highway 44 

Qs.79 What is the full form of GST? Ans. Goods and Services Tax 

Qs.80 Where is Krishi Anusandhran at? 

Qs.81 Where is Jim Corbett park situated? Ans. Uttarakhand 

Qs.82 Where is Palakkad Gap or Palghat Gap? Ans. Between Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu and Palakkad in Kerala. 

Qs.83 Who is the creator of Geet Govind? Ans. Jayadeva 

Qs.84 Who is the cm of Tamil Nadu? Ans. Edappadi Karuppa Gounder Palaniswami 

Qs.85 What is the name of the place of birth of Sher Shah Suri? Ans. Sasaram 

Qs.86 When did the cabinet mission come to India? Ans. 24 March 1946 

Qs.86 An area of a rectangle is 300 cm2 and the diagonal is 5 cm. Find the perimeter of the rectangle. 

Qs.87 What is the pH of Lemon? Ans. 2 

Qs.88 If P = Rs. 5000, rate (r) = 10%, and simple interest (SI) = Rs. 1500. Find the time. 

Qs.89 Who is the father of the constitution of India? Ans. B.R Ambedkar 

Qs.90 If a train running at a speed of 10km/hr crosses a pole in 1.5 minutes. Find the length of the train. 

Qs.91 LMC = 156, HCF = 26. If a-b = 26, then a+b = ? 

Qs.92 If x + 1/x = 12, then solve: x4-1/x4 = ?

Qs.93 A mixture of 10l is given out of which 2l is evaporated. The amount of salt % in the remaining water is 6%. Find the salt% in the mixture. Ans. 4.8% 

Qs.94 Who won IPL 2021? Ans. CSK 

Qs.95 Who is the Education minister of India? Ans. Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank 

Shift 1 

Qs.96 2x+y = 12 ,xy = 8, Then find, 8x3+ 125y3 = ?

Qs.97 If 5cp = 8sp. Find the loss? Ans. 37.5% 

Qs.98 Find the number of prime factors for 810 x 97 x 78. Ans. 52 

Qs.99 LCM + HCF = 395. If the difference is 351 and the first value is 72, then find the second number. 

Qs.100 8, 27, 64, 125, ? Ans. 216

Qs.101 ABE:8 : : KLO:? Ans. 38 

Qs.102 8, 24, 12, ?, 18, 54 Ans. 36 

Qs.103 5:27 : : 9 : ? Ans. 83 

Qs.104 What is the chemical formula for Limewater? Ans. Ca (OH)2 

Qs.105 Which organ releases Bile juice? Ans. Liver 

Qs.106 Who is the head of UNO? Ans. António Guterres 

Qs.107 Who founded congress? 

Qs.108 What is a lichen? Ans. Thallophyta 

Qs.109 Robert Hook did discovery for what? Ans. Cell 

Qs.110 Where is ICC headquarters located? Ans. Dubai 

Qs.111 Who is the RBI governor? Ans. Shaktikanta Das 

Qs.112 What is the capital of Bhutan? Ans. Thimphu 

Qs.113 Where is Sanchi Stupa situated? Ans. Madhya Pradesh 

Qs.114 How many tiger reserves are there in India? Ans. 50 

Qs.115 When was the first Constitution Day of India Samvidhan divas celebrated? Ans. 26 Nov 1949 

Qs.116 What is the full form of PMKVY? Ans. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana 

Qs.117 What is the unit digit for 432412 x 499431? 

Qs.118 Solve: (602– 542) Ans: 60

Qs.118 A completes the work in 40 days, B completes the same task in 60 days and C in 80 days. A leaves the work 11 days before, whereas, B leaves the work 8 days before. Find the total time taken to complete the work. 

Qs.119 What will be the value of the following – cos 20 cos 40 cos 80 Ans. 1/8

Qs.120 How many factors of 210 x 36 x 53 x 75 are divisible by 2160? 

Qs.121 Where is Sukreshwar temple located? Ans. Assam 

Qs.122 Pirpanjal Tunnel is named after who? Ans. Atal Ji 

Qs.123 What was the theme of Earth day in 2020? Ans. Climate Action 

Qs.124: Who is the CM of Goa? Ans: Pramod Pandurang Sawant 

Qs.125: Where will Commonwealth Games will be organized in 2022? Ans: Birmingham, United Kingdom 

Qs.126: Who is the current President of America? Ans: Joe Biden 

Qs.127: Where is the headquarter of OECD? Ans: Paris, France 

Qs.128: How many bytes are in 1 kilobyte? Ans: 1000 

Qs.129: 2, 6, 12, 30, 33, 42, ?

Qs.130: What is the other name of Mahavira? Ans: Vardhamana or Kevala

Qs.131: Where is Zojila tunnel project? Ans: J&K 

Qs.132: If "+" --> "-"; "x" --> "+" and "-" --> "x", Solve the following: 28+5x7- 9/3 

Qs.133: A man bought a watch at 25% discount on the original price. At 140% of the price at which he bought the watch, he gets ₹ 40 more than the original price. What is the price at which he bought the watch? 

Qs.134: If CI -SI = 50; rate = 20 = time = 2yr. Find the Principle (P). 

Qs.135: What is the economic capital of South Africa? Ans: South Africa has three capital cities: executive Pretoria, judicial Bloemfontein and legislative Cape Town. The largest city is Johannesburg. 

Qs.136: What is the capital of Indonesia? Ans: Jakarta 

Qs.137: Who was the first woman governor of India? Ans: Sarojini Naidu 

Qs.138: Vitamin C is also known as? Ans: Ascorbic acid and Ascorbate 

Qs.139: Who is the CEO of Dream11? Ans: Harsh Jain 

Qs.140: Which is the highest gold producing state in India? Ans: Karnataka 

Qs.141: Diagonal of a rectangle field 18m and area 126m2 is given. What is the total expenditure of fencing the field at the rate of 9rs/m? Ans: 432

Qs.142: cos12+cos168+cos98+cos82=? 

Qs.144: x, y, z are in AP in which x = tan45 and z = cot45. Find the value of y. Ans: 1 

Qs.145: CI in 2yr is Rs. 1600 and in 3 yrs it will be Rs. 1700. Find the rate of interest. Ans: 6.25% 

Qs.146: How many numbers less than 55? Ans: 16 

Qs.147: Solve: cos1 + cos2 + cos3 + ..... + cos179 

Qs.148: A and B travels at 25kmph and 35 kmph in opposite directions from a point. What will be the distance between them after 2.5 hrs? Ans: 150 km 

Qs.149: In 1+3++5+7+11+18, what number is added to get a perfect square? 

Qs.150: A, B, and C are three points on a circle. AB = AC =7√2 cm and BAC = 90, then the radius is equal to? Ans: 7

Qs.151: Two concentric circles form a ring. The inner and outer circumference of the ring is 22 cm and 44 cm respectively. Find the width of the ring. (π = 22/7) Ans: 3.5 

Qs.152: Of x = 3 +2√2, then the value of x^2 +1/x^2 = ? Ans: 34 

Qs.156: ISRO’s Center for National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) is Located in which city - Ans: Hydrabad

Qs.157: A, B, and C complete the work in 20, 30 and 60 days. If B and C join with A every third day, then how much time is required to complete the work? Ans: 15 

Qs.158: A man loses 1/3 of the money in the first round, 3/5 of the remaining in the second, 4/7 of the remaining in the third. Find the amount he is left with. Ans: 24 

Qs.159: x = 3 + √8. Find x^3 + 1/x^3 Ans: 198 

Qs.160: If secA = 13/5, find 10 tanA + 24cosecA / 39sinA - 10secA

Qs.161: Of ΔABC, D is a point on BC of AB/ AC = BD/DC, B = 75 and C = 45. Then BAD is equal to Ans: 30 

Qs.162: The average of A, B and C is 18, for C, D and E is 12, for E and F is 6.5, and for E, C is 3.5. What will be the average of A, B, C, D, E, F? Ans: 16 

Qs.163: A shopkeeper purchased 1000 kg rice. One part of the rice is sold at 10% profit and the remaining at 20% loss. The shopkeeper gets a total loss of 5%. How much amount of rice will be sold at 20% loss? Ans: Rs. 500 

Qs.164: When a number is added by 3, it is exactly divisible by 25, 35, 7, .... Ans: 172 

Qs.165: Find the smallest number when 3 is added and the numbers 27, 91, 143 divisible Ans: 4 

Qs166: The selling price of 6 pens is equal to the cost price of 14 pens. Find profit or loss%. Ans: 133.33% 

Qs.167: 3 men or 6 boys can complete work in 25 days. Find the time taken by 6 men and 4 boys to complete the work. Ans: 75/8 

Qs.168: Where will be Olympics held in 2021? Ans: Tokyo, Japan

Qs.169: When was Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched on? Ans: 2nd October 2014 

Qs.170: What is the full form of OLED? Ans: Organic Light-Emitting Diode 

Qs.171: What was the theme of Environment Day 2020? Ans: Climate Action 

Qs.172: Vito power is in hands of how many countries? Ans: 5 

Qs.173: In which year was Aryabhatt Satellite launched? Ans: 1975 

Qs.174: On which date Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao was started? Ans: 2015 

Qs.175: Which is the cleanest city in India? Ans: Indore 

Qs.176: Who is the founder of Facebook? Ans: Mark Zuckerberg 

Qs.177: Which is the newest Nuclear Reactor in India? Ans: Tarapur Atomic Power Plant-1 

Qs.178: What is the percentage of Forests in the country? Ans: 21.67 percent 

Qs.179: What is Swarnim Chaturbhuj Yojana related to? 

Qs.180: NASA was founded in which year? Ans: 1958 

Qs.181: Name the form of dance in Andhra Pradesh? Ans: Kuchipudi 

Qs.182: What is the SI Unit of Force? Ans: Newton 

Qs.183: In which year was ISRO founded? Ans: 1969 

Qs.184: Which state has the highest literacy rate? Ans: Kerala 

Qs.185: Congress Adhiveshan was held in which year? Ans: 28–31 December 1885 

Qs.186: Where will Olympic 2021 be going to held in? Ans: Tokyo 

Qs.187: A cuboid is given of length 18cm, width 21 cm and height 27 cm from which 3x3x3x....N little cuboids can be made. Find the N number of cuboid made. Ans: 378 

Qs.188: In how many categories Bharat Ratna is given? Ans: 51 

Qs.189: How many seats are there in Rajya Sabha? Ans: 250 

Qs.190: x^4 + 1/x^4 = 194. Then solve, x^3 + 1/x^3 = ? Ans: 52

Qs192: Which is the first country to send man on Moon? Ans: USA 

Qs.193: PM of which nation has announced to launch digital business plan? Ans: Australia 

Qs.194: Where are the headquarters of the Gadar party? Ans: San Francisco 

Qs.195: Which cricketer is known by the name "Little Master"? Ans: Sunil Gavaskar 

Qs.196: Which enzyme is helpful in the digestion of protein? Ans: Pepsin 

Qs.197 : What is the name of the oyster layer of the skin? Ans: Epidermis 

Qs.198 : Which is the outermost layer of earth? Ans: Crust 

Qs199 : Who built the Moti Masjid? Ans: Aurangazeb 

Qs.200 : Where is the headquarters of World Bank? Ans: Washington DC 


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